Administrative Services

The VAE  offers online services for US-based clients, but also provides in-person collaboration or onsite support, when needed, for clients located in Wake County, NC.  

Administrative tasks can pile up quickly causing you to fall behind or distract you from focusing on key business targets or goals.  That's where The VAE comes in to add value by helping clear the clutter and bring administrative stability to enable you to reclaim valuable time and direct it to higher priority actions.     

That never-ending list of things must get done. However, many items on the list are 'non-value add,' meaning that they are not directly contributing to top or bottom-line growth.  

For instance, you must reply to an email, handle inquiries, schedule appointments, return calls, and do paperwork. While you are probably managing most of those tasks yourself in the current environment, if you were to delegate them, you could focus more time on material business activities versus being bogged down in 'administrivia.' 

So, although there is a cost to having a VA handle many of the standard day-to-day admin tasks, a VA is an admin professional who can often perform the tasks faster, thus more economically and allow you to spend your time delivering actual value to your business.


"Angela was able to quickly ascertain the daily needs of our company, as well as areas of inefficiency, within the first few days of arriving at InDemand Services. She was instrumental in re-establishing policies and procedures that had a direct impact on each of the office and field employees. I am extremely impressed with her passion, commitment to excellence, general administrative skills, and professional demeanor. Her positivity is contagious, and she elevates all those that she interacts with."

Nate Hagerty, Executive Vice President 

InDemand Services

Raleigh, NC

August 15, 2019

Invoice Management


Whatever business you are in, getting paid the correct amount promptly for your products or services is extremely important.

This starts with sending clients and customers professional business invoices that clearly outline the amount due, dates of service or purchase, and the date payment is due.

It’s important to stay on top of reaching out about any past due invoices so that missing revenue doesn't negatively impact your business. Let The VAE:

  • Create and send invoices
  • Pay invoices
  • Conduct follow up
  • Keep everything organized and documented

Scheduling & Planning


Scheduling meetings and appointments may seem to be the simplest of tasks, but it’s deceptively time-consuming and can be very complex.

Years of experience has proven that effective scheduling and planning can save you hours each week and make you more productive.  The VAE provides:

  • Calendar management
  • Meeting and conference call scheduling/coordination
  • Planning and execution of team events, such as workshops, town halls and after hour team building activities

Travel & Expense Management


Selecting the where and when is just the beginning. Travel planning requires a lot of organization, research, and schedule coordination, which can be stressful and time-consuming.

With nearly two decades of experience managing C-Suite executive business and personal travel, both US and international, The VAE is ready to plan, book, schedule, and coordinate every detail of your trip from beginning to end including:

  • Researching and booking flights, hotels, car rentals
  • Assembling travel itineraries
  • Finding restaurants (before, during or after travel)
  • Renewing passports
  • Applying for Visas
  • Arranging sightseeing tours, destination experiences, etc. 
  • Preparing expense reports (utilizing Excel, Deltek, or Concur apps

Real Estate Admin


Spend More Time Where It Counts! Realtors have a large number of areas that they must dedicate time too.  It can be a serious juggling act for you to give each one the attention it deserves. From marketing to following up on leads and meeting with clients, to showings and closings, as a Realtor, you have to choose where to spend your precious time carefully.  Why waste it on mundane and repetitive tasks that could easily be delegated? Focus your time doing the things that have the greatest impact on your business. 

There are no shortage of tasks to land the big sale. 

  • Coordinate Inspections & Repairs
  • Create & Prepare CMA
  • Input Listing Information & Client Information Database
  • Marketing Materials
  • Obtain Client Testimonials
  • Scheduling & Planning
  • Update Web & Social Media Sites

Other Services

  • Data Entry
  • Project Support
  • Onboarding Support
  • Training
  • Documenting processes

If you need something not listed. The VAE offers a tailored service. Click here to schedule a free consultation.