Welcome to your resource for a trusted, multi-talented go-to Virtual Assistant partner. Who'll provide friendly, timely, and convenient, high-quality administrative and startup website support services. 

The VAE works with successful people of all kinds (executives, budding entrepreneurs, small businesses, realtors, consultants, etc.). Anyone who wants to dedicate more time to strategic business growth, pursue other passions, or live a more balanced life.

About Us

Who's The VAE?

The VAE is a virtual administrative and creative services company that was created to inspire and assist others in fulfilling their dreams of owning and running a business. Also, it offers established businesses and executives the ability to partner with a skilled administrator to relieve them of the burdensome aspects of their business. And allow more time to focus on strategic business objectives. Contributing to the success of an individual or organization is the lifeblood of the company.     

The VAE provides startup businesses with a website that aligns with their personalities. The goal is to have the site be a natural extension of the founder. That way, it conveys the spirit, values, and aspirations of the company and attracts customers who align with them. The purpose is to establish an emotional connection between the business and its customers.   

On the administrative services side, The VAE delivers timely, friendly, convenient, high-quality assistance in a variety of areas. If you truly want to focus on strategic business growth or pursue other passions, The VAE can help.  

The VAE, as a company, is committed to providing tailored, economical services and solutions. The company is ready to do its very best in helping you reach your goals through a personable approach.  Read more 'About the Founder'


"We hired Angela as our interim officer manager as we searched for a candidate. Angela came in and blew us all away with her level of detail, organizational skills, customer service, vendor relationships, creative ideas, and most importantly her outstanding personality. In less than a month, Angela reorganized the position of office manager and took it to the next level to set our new candidate up for success. From creating procedures, reference books, and new policies, to reorganizing shirt closets, ordering supplies, and refreshing break rooms, Angela surpassed all expectations of ours and even trained our new office manager! Thank you, Angela, for all you helped us with in our family of companies and for doing it all with such a happy heart. We are going to miss you greatly!"

Meredith Rose, CMO 

ProVantage Corporate Solutions

Raleigh, NC 

July 17, 2019

Mission Statement

The VAE is a client-centric small company that provides professional administrative and creative support services while maintaining confidentiality. Its mission is to reduce a client's administrative burden to allow its clients to focus on achieving their professional or strategic business goals. Also, craft unique and compelling websites for startups. 


Provides practical, economical solutions for virtual administrative or creative services. The VAE is committed to making you or your business successful by quickly learning trends and preferences to anticipate needs, thus offering a tailored service. 

Hybrid Business Model

The VAE not only offers online services for US-based clients, but it also provides in-person collaboration or onsite support for clients located in Wake County, NC.

Types of Services



Increase your productivity, your time is valuable. Imagine how productive you could be by delegating time-consuming administrative procedures that distract you from other higher priority objectives. Instead of dedicating your valuable time to those efforts, they would be performed seamlessly by a reliable, high-quality professional freeing you to do more. That will push you or your business forward — in short, making you or your business more productive. 



Do you need assistance in developing a web presence? The VAE provides a complete business package to highlight your products or services.  The VAE is a GoDaddy Pro Plus member recognized as a respected designer and is very creative offering an affordable business design service package and various infrastructure plans.